About Restoration Masonry Co.Inc.

Masonry restoration in the 21st century is an intricate industry with a large percentage of our projects performed on structures built between 1850 and 1960. During the construction of these buildings, the material expenses far exceeded the cost of skilled labor. Because of the low cost of labor, men could work many hours to ensure care, detail and precision. The result was beautiful masonry structures at a minimal price.

To build the same intricate and detailed structures today, the labor would be cost prohibitive. In the past, a tremendous amount of time could be allocated to build these magnificent masonry structures. Today, the opposite is true. Nearly 90% of project costs are now directly related to labor, with the balance going toward materials.

At Restoration Masonry Company, our main objective is to produce the highest quality work at competitive prices. For this to be achieved a strict management style is practiced and extensive ongoing training programs are part of our culture. All employees are given attainable goals that are outlined when they are hired. Each craftsman is monitored and rewarded as each goal is met.

Our specialization process is at the core of our quality workmanship and separates us from our competitors. We teach our masons to be extremely efficient and our projects are completed to the highest standards in the most punctual manner. Each team attends classes and training for their specialty, keeping Restoration Masonry Company on the frontier of cutting-edge technology. Our skill and proficiency ensures our prices remain competitive while our work remains exceptional.

We believe in an unparalleled work environment for our employees with a strong emphasis on safety and retention. Our proven strategies produce outstanding craftsmen and it is imperative that we provide an environment and work ethic that ensures we retain these professionals.

All employees receive the proper safety orientation upon joining our team. We require our employees to be certified by OSHA within 6 months of hire. In addition, all equipment is OSHA certified and maintained to OSHA regulations.

Equal to our quality of workmanship is our client service. We pride ourselves in our responsiveness and willingness to meet your needs and busy schedules. In striving for unsurpassed client satisfaction, we make sure we are available to answer any concerns you may have.

For these reasons, we believe Restoration Masonry Company is the company of choice – and if you decide to try another firm, we will be there for you tomorrow. Our commitment to the craft, our diligence in regards to training and our loyalty to our employees make certain that our future is in restoring your past.


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